urine smells fishy I do not leak Aug 30 2020 One of the more common causes of anal discharge and fishy smell is hemorrhoids. Signs of a health problem . Aug 30 2020 Urine Smells Like Eggs Causes. Apr 03 2017 Urine usually has no scent and when it does it 39 s usually a bit ammonia like. There are many reasons your female dog might smell of fish. Color changes can be due to medications or foods or indicate health problems. Sep 06 2018 Oxalates in asparagus can give your urine a fishy odor. Electrical shielding wires and other plastic components emit a fish or urine smell when exposed to high heat. And the smell is really strong. In the last six months I have developed a very embarrassing condition. So can vitamin B 6 supplements. Chlymedia I know will cause a smell in your urine. See detailed information below for a list of 2 causes of Dead fish urine odor in children including diseases and drug side effect causes. A few minutes after I cleaned my mother used the bathroom and the smell was so strong it was like I hadn 39 t cleaned in a week. I can sort of stomach the smell of cold plasma sub D. 4. I 39 ll try some of your guys 39 tips and see what happens. Then let the mixture dry and vacuum up the leftover powdery residue. Aug 09 2017 Join the Dr. Jul 24 2017 Find out what it means if your vagina smells fishy musky or rotten among other unpleasant odors and how to get rid of them. Oct 30 2009 We were surprised by the occasional fishy smells that were drifting down from the attic but figured the smelly little beasts had done something unmentionable. The cause of this smell is a matter for speculation. Urine that is yellow with a greenish tint will point to liver problems. The most likely culprit is an appliance such as a dishwasher washing machine or an air conditioner. Skunk Smell. It could be a simple question of changing Aug 02 2019 Sometimes the smell may be more similar to gun powder which can indicate a short from the AC s circuit board or fan motor. Ammonia however is a natural element in a cat s urine so a mild smell is normal. I never had a kitten before the ones we took in this summer and they never peed anywhere but in the box. This brings our gasoline almond and dead fish fragrances back into the mix. May 29 2017 If your urine has dark colour and it smells like ammonia it may be a sign you re dehydrated. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a fishy smell is coming from the urine or the vagina begins David H. Includes common and rare side effects information for consumers and healthcare professionals. My concern is that the urine doesn 39 t smell like cat pee it smells kind of like a hamster cage. Be sure he 39 s getting enough water. Jan 13 2017 The smell is fishy or like the inside of an inner tube and in a patient s mind they may think the drug isn t good. To find out if you have foul smelling breath ask a truthful friend or lick your hand and smell the saliva. the anus and the vagina or a fistula the bladder or urine tract and the vagina nbsp 25 Mar 2014 The trimethylamine gets released in the person 39 s sweat urine reproductive fluids and breath giving off a strong fishy or body odor. Jul 06 2016 For example trichomoniasis a parasite causing STI cause a potent or fish like vaginal odor. Mar 01 2012 The adhesives give off an odor that smells just like cat urine. Fishy nbsp 12 Apr 2018 A person 39 s urine can smell like fish if they take certain medications or supplements. A manufacturer of metformin notes that there has been no association between the odor of metformin and its effectiveness. Though it occurs in both men and women it is generally seen in women. It has a distinctive ammonia tinged odor that is especially strong right after urination and can be quite strong. I 39 ll give the cranberry and lemon juice a try. Sep 18 2018 Urine usually has an odor and sometimes it can resemble a fish smell. Sep 30 2017 Strong urine smells in men often are caused by prostate infections. Other people have mentioned how their Metformin smells fishy. Pee is usually clear or pale yellow with a mild smell. Jul 19 2016 The metal smell in urine may be caused by calcium iron or different vitamins. Apr 23 2020 A rare condition called fish odor syndrome may cause a fishy smell in the person s breath urine and sweat. Vaginal itch and a fishy smelling discharge could also be signs of bacterial When there is an infection in the urinary tract the urine may take on a nbsp As this compound builds up in the body it causes affected people to give off a strong odor in their sweat urine and breath. Yeast Infection Feb 15 2020 Urine doesn t usually have a strong smell. org Jan 24 2020 No More Fishy Smells. Untreated urinary issues can lead to life threatening maladies so if you notice foul smelling urine consult your vet. The circuit was overloaded we did not know that . This is normal. My penis smells like fish for a day or two after I 39 ve eaten seafood sometimes it is very strong. Multivitamin supplements can also cause the urine to smell fishy. . Every time she pees you can smell it through the diaper and on more than nbsp 23 Oct 2017 Usually it isn 39 t until you notice that something looks feels or smells quot off quot that you start paying attention to your pee. A strong odor to the urine may also be a sign of urinary tract infection. Sometimes the seafood meal you just had isn 39 t the cause for a fishy smell. Other possible symptoms include frequent or painful urination fever and back pain although some pregnant women experience no symptoms despite the presence of bacteria in the urine. Vaginal Infections. It can be a short term phenomenon that appears as a result of some foods medication or drinks. Asparagus doesn t contribute to body odor so much as it alters how your urine smells after you eat it. I don t think I can make it part of my night time ritual. Nov 18 2019 Urine gets its characteristic smell from urea. DiseasesAndTreatment. The most common causes of bad smelling urine are dehydration dietary changes or a side effect of medication. Fishy smell coming from my rectum and genitals uncircumsized penis with fishy odor My vagina smells even after I take a shower vaginal discharge that smells bad even after showering regu Foul vulva Odor fishy smell no discharge no cramps vaginal oder fishy smell from privates my girlfriends vagina stinks and makes my penis stink BAD Jan 03 2018 This is definitely one urine change worth talking to your veterinarian about. Sulfonamide Mar 23 2019 Fishy Smell From Dog s Urine It may be difficult at times telling whether the fishy smell comes from the dog s urine or urinary tract or from his bottom. J. . The fishy odor smells very strong and unpleasant. com nbsp 23 May 2019 Its characteristic fishy odor is particularly offensive to pet parents. It s not your cat to be honest. Read on to find out why your dog s breath smells like fish and how you might deal with this problem Jul 12 2018 The most common cause of vaginal odor is an imbalance in the normal flora in the vagina which causes a fishy odor irritation and thin to no vaginal discharge says Dr. Fishy smell that s not fish. Jan 27 2020 Fishy smelling urine is a common. Hello We have a 14 year old female half feral cat. gov The symptoms of a kidney infection include severe pain in the low back or side which is called flank pain a higher grade fever chills nausea vomiting Most Breath that smells like feces can occur with prolonged vomiting especially when there is a bowel obstruction. Getty Images 3 of 11 Mar 07 2019 Yep eating fish could cause your urine to smell fishy too. If your urine smells like vitamins you may be taking more than you need. You can choose to limit their intake on social occasions or make use of odor eliminating products. . With a persistent foul smell from the urine your husband should see a physician for a These trees are urban favorites and the fruit beckons wildlife. You will generally see this when you are wiping after passing a stool. TMAU is an uncommon condition that causes an unpleasant fishy smell. So many foods can be responsible for making your urine smell like eggs. What causes fish smelling urine Fish smelling urine can be due to BV or inflammation of the bladder Cystitis . The descriptions of the odor varies but it is usually somewhere between a strong ammonia smell to a chemical like odor or even an offensive fishy odor. WHAT COULD CAUSE THIS STRONG URINE SMELL Mar 01 2013 Bad smelling urine doesn 39 t always indicate an infection. Coffee and foods like asparagus can give urine a particular odor. My urostomy nurse told me this is normal due to the bacteria bild up in the bag. Some diets and pregnancy can also cause this symptom. Cloudy urine with strong odor Dizziness and Headache. This will be accompanied by Nov 21 2012 Foul smelling urine can be due to dehydration dietary intake e. Asparagus is well known to have a distinctive Your urine has changed colour is very cloudy looks bloody or has large blood clots in it. middot Trimethylaminuria a mutation that cause fishy smelling urine middot The STD that makes your urine fishy. But recently the only time I notice the smell vaginal is after eating even a very small taste of strong smelling fish for e. Of course I always run the A C on re circulate and never shut it down before i get to my destination. The two most common reasons include blocked anal glands emitting a fishy odor or a vaginal yeast infection making the urine smell fishy. Why your Jul 30 2019 Fishy odor from your urine can be caused by a urinary tract infection UTI . Chlamydia Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection which occurs when you have sexual intercourse with an infected person. 2 Aug 13 2015 Musty smelling urine Introduction. Less commonly strong smelling urine can also be caused by infection high blood sugar or liver damage. Carefully cleaning the litter box each day with a total strip down and wash with mild soap weekly can help minimize urine smell. A lot of owners especially owners of female dogs can relate to the smell of fish at some point in their lives. Aug 28 2019 If urine becomes highly concentrated a high level of waste products with little water your urine may have a strong ammonia odor. The same solutions work for multiple surfaces . Drink lots of water and it will clear right up. I 39 ll keep you guys posted. Feb 24 2019 Getting urine smell out of carpet is easiest when the stain is fresh and you act fast but even older dog urine stains can be removed when tackled correctly. If the burning odor persists evacuate the home and contact the fire department. 4 So the Other Reasons for Odorous Urine. This unique odor is nbsp 3 Oct 2017 Because urine is generally more concentrated a fishy odor may be present. When urea is broken down it produces amines that will break down further into mercaptans also found in feces of other animals and skunk spray . The smell lingers on my pillow. Normally your urine doesn t have a strong or unpleasant smell. If you have reason to believe that you don t have an STD yet you are still experiencing foul smelling urine there can still be several causes that aren t related to STDs. Even worse is the thought that your dog could be feeling ill or uncomfortable. Although all of the above mentioned remedies function as excellent urine odor neutralizers they are not a solution to the problem. People with undiagnosed diabetes may notice slightly sweet smelling urine. James Lin Fishy smelling urine is the first sign of a urinary tract infection UTI . Sometimes it 39 s caused by faulty genes that a person inherits from their parents but this isn 39 t always the case. 3 A grey white watery vaginal discharge that has a strong fishy smell may be due to bacterial vaginosis which is caused by a disruption of the balance of normal vaginal bacteria. A rare cause of body odor is heavy metal toxicity. I 39 ve noticed it more from cooked fried fish which is awkward as I live in the UK and love fish and chips. Diabetes Small bubbles in urine are a common occurrence among those with diabetes and may be the result of excessive amounts of protein known as albumin in the urine. This genetic disorder causes the urine to smell like fish and the body to Jul 21 2007 My cat s urine always smells like fish even when I don t give her any type of food with fish in it. Feb 27 2002 The odor and stains from urine in clothing can be tough to remove but the quicker you get to the problem the easier it is to deal with. If your urine suddenly starts to smell funky it could be nbsp If your vaginal discharge is grey or develops a strong fishy smell particularly after swelling and itching around the vagina and pain when passing urine. Trichomoniasis Jan 03 2020 Dog Urine Smells Fishy. Antibiotics are the common treatment for STIs. My urine is very strong and has an offensive odor. Help. Musty smelling urine Musty smelling urine refers to urine that smells moldy or stale. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms cloudy urine with strong odor dizziness and headache including Middle ear infection Urinary tract infection UTI and Labyrinthitis. 5. In fact people around you may begin to smell your discharge. NYC based urologist and professor of urology at Columbia University Medical Center and A fishy odor after sex is also a symptom of a common STI called trichomoniasis or trich. In addition female dogs are significantly more likely to get UTI s but UTI s can also appear in male dogs. The discharge usually is thin and milky and is described as having a fishy odor. Aug 27 2017 If your urine smells abnormally sweet you re thirstier than normal and feel tired there could be a chance you have diabetes so it s best to seek the advice of a healthcare professional. Mind your pee your urine can give clues about the state of nbsp . If it smells bad or if it s not clear then this could be a sign of a more serious issue. Keep in mind these vitamins are in most multivitamins. Instead just a small spray should get rid of the odor and the smell of the product itself will dissipate within a few hours. Dehydration can cause urine to have a strong odor but it just smells more uriny or almost like what a port o potty smells like that hasn t been cleaned for a while. This Mar 26 2020 Vaginal odor is actually quite common during pregnancy and is often just due to hormones and will vanish after your baby is born. When menstrual blood mixes with our own bodies bacteria and odor may develop. Your Diabetes is Not Cooperating For people who don 39 t know they have diabetes or don 39 t have it under control sweet or fruity smelling urine is a sign that glucose sugar has spilled into the urine. 25 Oct 2017 Monitor smells. Now this is why your cat 39 s urine smells like ammonia. 29 Jan 2019 Eating asparagus can result in urine that smells like rotten cabbage due People with trimethylaminuria develop a fishy odor after consuming nbsp If your baby has signs of a UTI your doctor may need to collect a sterile urine sample to find out which bacteria are causing it Harding 2016 NHS 2016a NICE nbsp 24 Jan 2020 Normal dog urine has a distinct but not overpowering smell. October 27 2019 6 01pm Jul 17 2020 quot If you 39 ve eaten a lot of onions or garlic you can excrete an onion or garlic smell in your urine and your vaginal discharge may change temporarily in smell as well quot explains Dr. Chief among these is the release of ammonia into the atmosphere. Moreover some underlying medical conditions can result to the same problem. They are too small to feed water to them. Read below for more information on associated symptoms other causes and foods that make your urine smell and Dec 23 2019 Certain genetic disorders can cause an abnormal smell of the urine including trimethylaminuria a metabolic condition that causes foul body odor regardless of hygiene. When urine persistently smells bad or has a foul strong or unusual odor it may be caused by an underlying disease disorder or condition. I drink plenty of water and also a glass of cranberry hibiskis Trader Joe 39 s drink every day. The smell can come from loose or frayed wires or cords overloaded circuits faulty outlets Aug 27 2020 Urine could have foul strong or sweet smelling characteristics. Again a visit to the doctor is in order. If it is an option for you you can have the encapsulation redone with less volatile more expensive materials or the option I am considering having a radon fan installed. Bromhidroisis a condition in which sweat is malodorous and offensive is caused by decomposition of products from the apocrine eccrine and sebaceous glands. When it comes to personal hygiene products conventional soaps in the United States use many different deodorants to eliminate unpleasant odors such as ammonia found in urine trimethylamine and sulfide oxygen found in feces and urine propionic acid found in sweat and isovaleric acid a smelly component of foot odor . Those with the problem complain of fishy smelling urine or strong smelling pee. Bowel movements and wiping can be painful from acute inflammation. It seems that when it is clearer like water that it is not as Jan 15 2018 Cranberry juice increases the acidity of urine which can reduce odor. This is the smell of a skunk and you should be worried. Thanks for any Some foods can give urine a weird smell. Chemically the culprit for the foul smell is butyric acid a compound found in vomit. Sweet Diabetics often report that their urine smells sweet this is because of excess sugar in the body. The breath may have an ammonia like odor also described as urine like or quot fishy quot in people with chronic kidney failure. If you are certain that the fishy smell is coming from your dog s urine for instance such as from a spot where your dog urinated you may want to take your dog to the vet. The first day after changing my bag there is little odor. Asparagus is well known to have a distinctive Unfortunately this imaginary dog caper is about the least likely explanation for your dog s fish breath. Species Dog Breed Greyhound Age 5 8 years Hi my dog Bluebell has had a fishy smell to her urine for quite some time and originally I thought that must be the way she smells. If you are healthy it should smell like it typically smells when you get your period. Dehydration bladder stones Certain combinations of food may accentuate the smell of the dog urine. In particular antibiotics like amoxicillin and ciprofloxacin can cause this problem even if the dosage is low. As a result your body begins to burn fat for energy. ly Raw Wheat Grass Juic Went to the doctors last week where he diagnosed me with bacterial vaginosis as i had a fish smelldown there he gave me metrogyl 400mg and ive finished them today. Submitted 12 years ago. This may be the result of infection metabolic disease or simply a side effect of a medication. Jul 05 2015 Related 4 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Facial Below is a list of five common vaginal odors to look out for explained with the help of Dr. We thought the batteries needed to be changed on them and the fishy smell I thought there was a dead animal somewhere or my dog s bed lol. However their urine smells terribly like fish Not just a little a lot However the urine is clear not cloudy. Variations in the color odor or nbsp 1 Aug 2012 Hello everyone I 39 m 9 weeks pregnant and I 39 m having a fishy sometimes strong sweet urine odor. Apr 24 2015 The odour is due to the pus cells in the urine. The smell can resurface when you re wearing a piece of previously soiled clothing or using a towel which can be off putting. MSUD or maple syrup urine disease is genetic disorder. Sometimes melting plastic components can give off a fishy or rotten egg smell. This happens when blood glucose levels are too Trimethylaminuria fish malodour syndrome is a rare genetic metabolic disorder presented with a body odour which smells like a decaying fish. A sweet or fruity odor may indicate uncontrolled diabetes. A UTI can cause bacteria from the infection to contaminate the urine resulting in a. maple sugar urine disease phenylketonuria or infections of the For many the smell of fish is one of the most unpleasant smells in the world. The peculiar odor of urine is attributed to urea content higher its concentration stronger is the urine s odor. Jul 17 2013 Since smell is part of our olfactory senses many people associate certain smells with people or areas. Dead fish urine odor in children Dead fish urine odor in children is the abnormal smell of dead fish in a child 39 s urine. The foul smell may be the only symptom of a urinary tract infection. Asparagus is a good example. ive been using acijel and rephresh and ph wash wipes and powder the smell is still here i took a urine aand swab test negative for stis bv etc. Worse Mar 21 2011 It could have something to do with what you have eaten. Certain medicines can cause the urine to smell like yeast or fish. 3. Thanks for posting about the awful smell of these products. Mar 29 2019 Foods that can intensify urine odor include Asparagus. Mar 06 2020 Bad Urine Odor but not Fishy. The fishy smell from the manhood will be a stumbling block for any men to achieve a good sex life. Strong Urine Odor And Fishy Smell. Some people with trimethylaminuria nbsp 17 Jan 2019 Notice that your urine smells like ammonia curry and high protein diets can also cause your urine to smell like fish or something rancid. Mar 10 2015 This results in increased concentration of the protein in urine and blood leading to elimination of strong and putrid urine that smells mousy fishy or musty. But some foods especially asparagus which has a smelly sulfur compound can change the odor. Nov 25 2019 The good probiotic bacteria in yogurt can help fight the infection and reduce the odor as well. Jun 19 2018 Always consult your doctor if symptoms persist Credit Getty Contributor. WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms body aches or pains chills cloudy urine with strong odor and fatigue including Urinary tract infection UTI Viral syndrome and Exercise or physical activity. Depending upon the concentration of urea in your body your urine will have a stronger or weaker smell. This could be something electrical in the home overheating and melting its insulating plastic or rubber which could lead to a fire. It is similar to the smell your urine normally is just stronger and more foul. The urine smell could be the result of what you are eating. Jan 17 2019 Garlic which also contains sulfur and fenugreek Brussels sprouts curry and high protein diets can also cause your urine to smell like fish or something rancid. It smelled like vinegar not great but better than urine. The best thing that you can do when things like this are happening to your dog is to go to your vet. They said that they hear this a lot actually people with dogs on fish formulas complain about the dog either smelling fishy or like cat urine. It could odor like ammonia. J. Otherwise to clear your doubt get an ultrasound abdomen and xray KUB done. And they are easy to do from home. According to the University of California Berkeley those who have the metabolic disorder trimethylaminuria can t properly break A UTI can cause a strong and unpleasant urine odor. If urine becomes highly concentrated a high level of waste products with little water your urine may have a strong ammonia odor. Fishy smelling urine can occur due to many different reasons and underlying conditions as discussed below. asparagus uncontrolled diabetes genetic conditions e. Oct 17 2019 Since bladder fistulas can allow bacteria from other organs into the bladder they often manifest as urinary tract infections urine that looks or smells like stool and urine that contains gas. Fish. This odor is not present in fresh urine of healthy individuals its presence may be a sign of a urinary tract infection. when i pass urine in the morning its d Oct 27 2012 My son 39 s hair smells Fishy breath Chicken pox and pregnancy. Urine odor can be a symptom of a variety of conditions including infection inflammation or other conditions of the urinary tract kidneys ureters bladder and urethra . I have been feeding them KMR through a bottle. Feb 25 2016 Moderate odor Similar to the above ranking except that the dressing remains on the patient. Your Dog is Suffering from Kidney Disease I used to have the fishy smell with bacterial vaginosis infections. Even though these foods may contribute to odor and gas production most are still very healthy for you so don t eliminate them entirely from your diet. It is a result of genetic abnormality and the smell may or may not be noticed immediately after birth. I love fish and I can t handle the smell of the cold plasma. Jul 28 2018 What causes fishy odor with no discharge Bacterial vaginosis is the commonest cause of abnormal fishy vaginal smell in women. In diabetic ketoacidosis the urine odor is nice and fruity. See detailed information below for a list of 2 causes of Musty smelling urine Symptom Checker including diseases and drug side effect causes. A mousy ammonia odor may indicate liver disease. Because if you eat fish or sea food it can change the smell of your urine. Vet says he doesn 39 t know what is wrong does anyone out there have any idea. Nine times out of 10 a fishy smell throughout the home means you have overheating electrical components circuit breakers outlets wiring etc. A common reason for this scary symptom is dehydration. It is a valid reason but there is more to it than just an effect of poor hygiene. Shop all dog stain amp odor removers online The symptoms of a bladder infection include Cloudy or bloody urine Strong or foul smelling urine Low fever not everyone will have a fever Pain or burning with urination medlineplus. Certain foods such as asparagus may add odor to the urine. quot My fitness trajectory in my senior years does not have to be a continuous downward Reduce carbs begin exercise stop Lantus stop metformin and start Victoza. Know All About Kidney Stones. Even if the metal odor in urine isn t a medical concern it can still bother you. Clarity. Rotten fish isn t a smell anyone wants hanging around including your dog. Urine analysis after the administration of large doses of trimethylamine can nbsp If a man has a fishy smell coming from his urine chances are he may have picked up the bacterial infection from a woman he had sex with who had nbsp 10 Jul 2019 Normal urine when dilute barely has an aroma unless you put your nose right up to it. We kept smelling a fishy smell and it turned out to be an electrical outlet that was melting inside the wall. The urine will suddenly take on a much stronger odor or a much nbsp 19 Nov 2013 our breath blood and urine or simply released into the air above the enzyme makes people with trimethylaminuria or TMAU smell fishy. It s like someone microwaved a fish on your face. While dogs do normally have bad breath the specific fishiness of your dog s odor is disconcerting. Apr 16 2010 Urinary tract infection Foul smelling urine is a symptom of a urinary tract infection. Usually having good feminine hygiene habits and changing your underwear regularly can help to reduce any fishy odor from your vagina. Most everyone produces the stinky chemicals that are excreted in urine as their bodies Aug 24 2011 Bladder and urinary tract infections are common in people with incontinence and can cause urine to smell bad. But if you lack the enzyme then there is an accumulation of trimethylamine which is eventually excreted in the urine. Also when the urethra suffers inflammation the smell of the urine changes. The pungent odor usually doesn 39 t rear its ugly head until the infection has been there nbsp A. It may not be clearly evident in every UTI case but typically the urine has a strong odor. Some blame it on the sulfur containing fertilizers used on asparagus plants there is no record of the vegetable causing urine odor before such fertilizers were introduced . Cloudy urine foul fishy urine smell pre post urination pain hardness n pain in right epididymis after urination. 22 Jun 2019 have the condition as they have not been diagnosed. Mar 12 2020 Women often have very strong smelling fishy urine because of urinary tract infections. Using a wet vac and enzymatic cleaners can help remove urine crystals and break down the odors left behind from a pet accident. 8 Aug 2019 If your pee smells foul sour or fishy you might have a medical condition called trimethylaminuria which gives you terrible body odour no nbsp 15 Feb 2019 The smell of urine often changes based on a person 39 s diet or fluid intake. The condition causes vaginal irritation and itching along with urine which smells like fish. While the odor of urine can vary somewhat in most cases it does not have a strong smell. A strong or fishy smell to the urine. 4 mg ml higher than this can be an indication that you have trimethylamine. King MD Medical Director Urology Services El Camino Hospital Los Gatos. That smell could be due to one of the following reasons 1. Many describe this as fishy. Urine is leaking from the insertion site. A fishy smell can also be The trimethylamine is released in the person 39 s sweat urine reproductive fluids and breath giving off a strong fishy or body odor. Foul smelling urine may be due to bacteria. When children have UTIs the bacteria cause foul smelling urine. A greater urgency to pee as well as a need to go more often are other signs. I don 39 t know if your sexually active or not though. The odor of your urine can be related to conditions within your genitourinary system and even of other parts of the Apr 15 2020 If the urine smell is coming from your floor spray the area with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide white vinegar baking soda and dish soap. Try these things to help keep your pee clear and smelling mild. We had occasional fishy urine smell in one room more noticable on hot humid days. Feb 12 2018 We ll explain why fishy smells mean electrical danger and what you should do if and when you ever come across this common issue. Coffee curry and salmon can do this too. Keeping the penis odor free Jun 04 2019 A fishy vaginal odor may be a sign of BV but other strong smells might mean you have a different type of infection. So I got him a bag of Innova Adult and we 39 ll try that out. Proper therapies and diet with lifestyle changes can control this ailment. While the white blossoms are beautiful they release a less than pleasant fragrance. Jan 18 2018 Scientists have found that dozens of illnesses have a particular smell Diabetes can make your urine smell like rotten apples and typhoid turns body odor into the smell of baked bread. Aug 29 2020 Dog urine smells fishy 7 reasons and why you must treat it petdt 13 causes of smelly urine why your smells bad urine smells like fish 10 causes other symptoms. Can 39 t say I 39 ve ever noticed it with fish or seafood. quot Fish onions and garlic are good examples. It doesn amp 39 t burn or anything like that. Other symptoms are cloudy urine an urgent need to urinate or a burning sensation while urinating. Jul 13 2018 Asparagus sometimes gives urine a greenish tinge and a distinctive smell said to resemble rotting cabbage. While some odor is normal a particularly strong fishy odor accompanied by discharge may indicate a vaginal infection that needs to be promptly treated by your doctor . But this urine stinks so bad I gag every time I make her go. A bit of that nbsp Some people do not show any symptoms Foul fishy smelling vaginal odor Women may experience pelvic pain Cloudy sometimes red bright pink urine nbsp Infection may occur without the quot fishy quot smell and burning pain which adults often A sample of your child 39 s urine will need to be collected to look for signs of nbsp 11 Dec 2018 Some women call it fishy others says it smells like old rice. Weight loss plans focus on eating less and exercising more. Patients suffering from kidney stones are often told to drink a lot of nbsp 2 Jan 2017 The plastic used in these components contains a chemical that emits a fish or urine like smell when it gets extremely hot or burns. If it has a stronger smell the top culprit is dehydration. The trimethylamine gets released in the person 39 s sweat urine reproductive fluids and breath giving off a strong fishy odor. Dear J. Normal urine is clear and has a straw yellow color. If cat urine has a sweet smell this is a sign the feline may have diabetes. Prostate infections can lead to erectile dysfunction and incomplete emptying of the bladder. These products can sometimes affect the way the urine smells. A certain smell in your urine could mean you are at risk. You may also experience pain or stinging sensations when you pee. It is a strong ammonia smell like you smell in a dirty bathroom in a gas station. Aug 08 2019 This is probably the least likely scenario here but certain genetic disorders are associated with a bad urine odour. Asparagus is probably the most notorious for this. Veterinarian 39 s Assistant I 39 m sorry to hear that. Other symptoms may include Oct 20 2017 An inflamed bladder cystitis most commonly caused by a bacterial infection or urinary tract infection can cause unusually strong smelling urine or urine that smells fishy. smoked salmon. The plastic used in these components contains a chemical that emits a fish or urine like smell when it gets extremely hot or burns. When your urine smells bad this is a sign that something is happening in your body. Fishy smelling urine in people with a history of bladder diverticulum and or a kidney implant should be tested by a doctor 07 11 2013 Question. A vaginal infection called bacterial v aginosis BV can cause smelly urine and is often noticed when urine mixes with vaginal secretions. See a doctor immediately if there is any abnormality detected. Vanessa Cullins and Dr. Fecal odor may indicate an intestinal blockage. The smell could have developed due to a recent change to your dog s diet or due to the introduction of foods such as asparagus and fish which are known to make urine smell funny. The odor is stronger in unfixed male cats. Foul smelling urine is often an indicator of infection. Sweet Smelling Urine Causes Read more Sweet Smelling Urine Fruity Sudden onset not Diabetes Pregnancy Jan 07 2008 Hello all My parents are having an issue with a somewhat fishy odor that comes amp goes in one area of the house. Strong odor This is when an odor is discernible within 6 to 10 feet of the patient and the dressing is removed. The urinary tract includes the kidneys bladder and urethra the tube from which urine passes out of the bladder . If your vagina has a fishy odor but no discharge then it s likely you have BV infection. A urine like fishy odor may indicate chronic kidney failure. What causes a strong or strange nbsp Learn about fish odor syndrome trimethylaminuria symptoms such as a fishy body odor fish due to excretion of trimethylaminuria in the sweat urine and breath. me drericberg ref w11831075 Wheatgrass Juice Powder http bit. quot Fun If things just smell off go Normal urine is clear and has a straw yellow color. The quot Fishy quot smell is not just her it is the smell of sex haha when the man ejaculates into the female it mixes with her own natural lubrications thus creating the fishy odor from you both 3 Reply Sep 30 2017 Smell your vaginal discharge. Department of Pediatrics Sep 14 2017 A man that has trimethylamine would smell fishy odor in their sweat urine semen and breath . After you give birth your body excretes tissue and blood like a period. Although some do believe that the malodor of urine is a sign of an urinary tract infection it has been demonstrated that this is not always true. Keep in nbsp Information on smelly urine with links to other useful resources. We do sweat out certain odours depending on what we eat. 14 Sep 2016 Question My 10 month old baby girl has very strong smelling urine. Cystitis Bladder inflammation Urine usually has an odor and sometimes it can resemble a fish smell. Answer Fish particularly deep saltwater fish contain a substance called trimethylamine oxide. A foul smell in children can be a result of bad hygiene certain food stuffs undesired loss of urine or feces or even of a metabolic disease. Ammonia is created by the bacterial decomposition of urea the primary nbsp Find out why your female dog suddenly smells fishy whether that 39 s her pee breath or backside fishy smells can mean different things. Aug 19 2020 Whether it 39 s extra pungent or uh fishy having a weird smell emanating from down there can be freaky. Your urine has a foul odour maybe a fishy smell . If you smell something fishy go around your nbsp The trimethylamine gets released in the person 39 s sweat urine reproductive fluids and breath giving off a strong fishy odor. Berg FREE Immunity Challenge Get access here https m. The darker and stronger the smell the further you are into ketosis. The intensity of the odor may vary nbsp The foul odor comes from the bacteria that has entered into the urinary tract. 6 Apr 2018 Other foods also may cause an evident odor in the sweat and urine. There may be fishy odor while you go urine. 2 Apocrine bromhidrosis which begins after puberty with a characteristic acrid or sweaty odor results from a combination of short chain fatty acids ammonia androgenic steroids hexanoic acid and saturated ketones and indoles. A bit of that urine left on the penis and surrounding area can lead to an overwhelming stench. Remember that only a vet can accurately diagnose this condition. Douching disrupts the natural biome of the genital region resulting in fishy smelling urine. Bladder fistulas which occur due to entry of bacteria into the intestines may cause a foul smell of urine. Bacteria can cause foul nbsp 2 Jun 2020 If your dog 39 s urine smells fishy is cloudy and they have trouble urinating than they likely have a UTI Modafinil sold under the brand name nbsp Your nose moisture detectors ultraviolet lights and eyes are your friends when it comes to tracking down the urine odor. The symptoms of a bladder infection include Cloudy or bloody urine Strong or foul smelling urine Low fever not everyone will have a fever Pain or burning with urination medlineplus. Consumption of certain foods such as asparagus which can impart a characteristic odor to urine and Fish odor syndrome is characterized by an offensive body odor and the smell of rotting fish due to the excessive excretion of trimethylaminuria TMA in the urine sweat and breath of affected individuals. The fishy odor is accompanied by abnormal vaginal discharge that can either be white or gray and thin or foamy. A fishy smell can also be caused by bacterial vaginosis. gov The symptoms of a kidney infection include severe pain in the low back or side which is called flank pain a higher grade fever chills nausea vomiting Most If you smell even a faint whiff of urine repeat the process until the smell is gone. The odor is due to concentration of various chemicals and toxins excreted by the kidneys. If you notice an unusually foul odor especially if it is coupled with other signs of trouble like straining frequent trips in and out of the box and or urinating outside the litter box it is time to call your vet. Noticing a fishy odor is common and very likely unnoticeable to anyone else. Jun 02 2015 Ammonia has a pungent smell but a higher odour threshold than trimethylamine which has a fishy odour and is in fact the compound responsible for the smell of fish. However a strong smell from cloudy oily urine may indicate kidney stones or a kidney infection. For example eating asparagus causes a distinct urine odor. A naturopathic doctor may do a mineral test and heavy metal toxicity test Mar 14 2018 Urinating with a UTI often produces a shot of pain or a burning sensation and the bacterial buildup can make urine appear cloudy or foul smelling. Nearly all the smell produced by rabbits comes from the urine. Some people refer to this as a urine or burning rubber smell. Mar 05 2017 Smelly urine can be caused by many different factors but most of them are non threatening and can be addressed with simple solutions. Once the urine soaks into an object and begins to decay the bacterium in the pee will give off that typical Resolve Urine Destroyer Stain amp Odor Remover Spray at PetSmart. The acidic nature of yogurt helps bring the vaginal pH back to normal and the lactobacillus bacteria present in it will help treat the infection. If symptoms are accompanied by a constant thirst headaches and a need to urinate Cat urine has a strong distinct scent. There is no better way than drinking lots of water to tackle the problem of dehydration. D. There are several options for eliminating urine odor and stains each has its pros and cons. Eating a lot of vegetables or meat can cause your urine to change the scent. While most of the time you can overlook the smelly odor of 6. Veterinarian 39 s Assistant The Veterinarian will not be able resurrect the kitten. Feb 27 2018 Trimethylamine which has a fishy odor is produced in the intestines when certain types of food i. Certain foods Intake of some kinds of food items such as asparagus can also result in urine that smells like fish. Well it is your cat but if your cat smells like that dead skunk on the side of the road you can t get past at least once in your life it could mean that your cat was outside and actually tussled with a skunk. Streicher. Some have mentioned how it causes their urine to smell bad. Aug 28 2019 Urine usually has a distinct odor but under normal circumstances the odor is relatively mild and not too noticeable. If your pee smells foul sour or fishy you might have a Aug 30 2017 An inflamed bladder could also cause your urine to smell in this particular kind of UTI in women. Dr. For babies and toddlers do a smell check of their diaper to see if the urine smells nbsp 8 Apr 2019 For more info visit http www. Some women also notice that their urine smells a bit different this is usually caused by anesthesia and other medications. The urine from a buck tends to have a stronger smell than that from a doe. New study shows smelly urine could indicate a urinary tract infection If the smell is combined with a fever bring it to your nbsp 5 Apr 2018 The odor comes from my mouth my urine and my feces. While fishy smelling urine may be alarming the causes are usually minor. 13. Fish particularly deep saltwater fish contain a substance called nbsp 1 Jan 2014 They say that dogs can smell cancer on people and apparently it 39 s true. While it can be normal there are some instances where you should be concerned. As Dr. everything is fine except the odor. Some people with trimethylaminuria have a strong odor all the time but most have a moderate smell that varies in intensity over time. Jun 13 2020 These products can sometimes affect the way the urine smells. Feb 15 2010 The smell is fishy or like the inside of an inner tube and in a patient 39 s mind because it smells like something that has gone bad they may think the drug isn 39 t good quot explained one of the letter 39 s authors J. Feb 20 2011 Their urine smells sweet because of the glucose in it. One of the most common electrical faults is a weird fishy smell from the wall socket or switch caused by an arcing of electrical device. In this case the solution to eliminating dog urine smell in the house is by making sure your dog is happy and healthy receives enough walks and exercise and is able to socialize with other dogs. The prostate gland is an important part of a man 39 s make up so even the smallest infections should be taken seriously. Eating fish isn t the only reason your urine might have a fishy smell. Apr 03 2012 A new study published in this week 39 s journal Pediatrics suggests that a combination of fever and foul smelling urine can be a sign of a urinary tract infection in babies. Yes my pee smells like bread everytime I use it. This is a natural and effective method to remove the fishy smell from your vagina 18 19 . According to Kids Health about 8 percent of girls and 1 to 2 percent of boys have had a UTI by the time they are 5 years old. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and asparagus can change the odor of nbsp 8 Nov 2018 One of the biggest indicators that something might not be OK with your health is how you smell. If it is a urinary tract infection it must be treated on time because it can get complicated and lead to other more serious diseases. Avoid Dark yellow urine is a sign of dehydration. Even now it 39 s difficult to get her fed because she can 39 t seem to swallow properly. A few common causes of fishy smelling urine along with the symptoms and treatment options are as follows Cat urine is made up of different chemicals like uric acid creatinine electrolytes and urea. During the past couple of weeks we have noticed that her urine smells very strong very different than ever before. We had a terrible fishy or urine smell for days and the smoke alarms even went off twice but we did not connect the two. Fishy smelling urine. Remedies for Urine Smells Like Metal. However if your urine smells even more like ammonia than usual or it smells sort of sickly sweet you could be getting a UTI. This fishy smelling odour can be embarrassing at times but more importantly BV could increase the chances of going into labour early. e. Also while the color your pee has is a clear indicator of your hydration levels dietary habits and potentially undiagnosed medical condition the smell produced by it is also a clue of what is going on in If this is happening and the urine smells like fish then you can near enough be sure that it is a urinary tract infection. This is due to urea which is the primary component of cat urine. But honestly there are some perfectly logical and totally harmless causes of smelly urine Apr 30 2018 Sometimes a combination of sweat normal vaginal discharge and urine can combine to create a strong smelling feminine odor. When the connection to the circuit of an electrical device is damaged the electricity jumps to complete the circuit resulting to a fire when the electricity zaps anything along the way. Jun 13 2017 A strong urine smell from your infant is most likely a sign of a urinary tract infection or UTI. The bacteria from the infection can contaminate the urine and cause a distinct fishy smell. Synonyms Other Words for Bad smell amp Antonyms Opposite Meaning for Bad smell. Trimethylaminuria TMAU is an uncommon condition that causes an unpleasant fishy smell. This indicates infection in the urinary tract. While this effect is necessary for losing weight it can change the way your urine smells while you are dieting. Common things that can make your pee smell stronger include certain types of food and drink nbsp a strong body odour usually described as like rotting fish faeces or garbage. Though this is a vaginal infection that scent can be obvious when you 39 re peeing. Stagg says quot Vaginal odors can also be a sign of a vaginal yeast Apr 07 2016 quot Normal urine if you re fairly hydrated generally has a very limited amount of smell quot Ojas Shah M. Ive noticed some posts in a few of the forums here that slightly relate to my post but not enough to answer my question or help me in any way. Dogs most likely to experience urinary tract infections are diabetic females over the age of 7 Jul 19 2020 Learn about the potential side effects of Fish Oil omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids . The odor that they associate with the urine may actually be an odor from the vagina. I 39 d make sure he 39 s getting enough water throughout the day. C. Some foods and medications such as asparagus or certain vitamins can cause a noticeable urine odor even in low concentrations. Yet others have mentioned how i Yesterday I gave it a good scrubbing and thought I had it clean. This is actually a little parasite it s an infection that is sexually transmitted and it may cause But then there is the smell which is usually a very strong smelling urine with somewhat of a fishy odor. The trimethylamine is released in the person 39 s sweat urine reproductive fluids and breath giving off a strong fishy or body odor. Trimethylamine has been described as smelling like rotting fish rotting eggs garbage or urine. Feb 12 2019 However if your diet is lacking in essential compounds taking vitamin supplements can boost the amount of necessary micronutrients. Most of the time urine does not have a strong smell if you are healthy and nbsp 5 Apr 2019 overheats the plastics and heat resistant chemicals used in outlets circuit breakers or wiring insulation may emit a fishy or urine like smell. Jun 16 2018 While fishy smelling urine may be worrying the causes are normally minor. Foul smelling urine May be due to bacteria. Avoid douching with chemicals as they increase the chances of vaginal infections. I5. The basic treatment is to presoak the item and then wash I went over to the doggie food store and talked to the gals there. if you are having fishy odour in your urine there maybe some urine infection to get a proper examination done with your doctor and after Urine Examination if nbsp 13 Sep 2019 Certain factors may lead to an itch or smell that can be confused with a UTI. Henshaw said humans have the ability to remember a smell for more than 60 years. Perspiration has no odor mix that with our body s bacteria and we all know what that odor smells like. There can be several causes for dog urine that smells like fish but the most likely one is a UTI. Herd Immunity Types Threshold and Usefulness July 2 2020 report that the odor nbsp 11 Jul 2019 Urine odor refers to the smell from your urine. Sweet smelling urine May be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes or a rare disease of metabolism. Oct 17 2019 The fish like smell that comes from coffee beans is caused from chemical reactions that take place during the roasting process. By smelling like 39 fish guts 39 I am assuming you mean smelling very bad because being a vegetarian I have never been up close to a fish much less its guts and am assuming the guts smell as bad as when a fish is cooking have smelt that odor from a I found some abandoned kittens about 2 days old. If your toddler 39 s urine has a strong bad or fishy odor call your nbsp But then there is the smell which is usually a very strong smelling urine with somewhat of a fishy odor. A medical professional can supply a diagnosis and recommend the quickest course to recovery. Second some foods can cause urine to smell strongly. Left uncleaned urea decomposes and undergoes a series of chemical reactions. You have a fever. Gott I am a rather healthy 78 year old female. As trimethylamine begins to accumulate in the body it is released in the sweat urine reproductive fluids and breath. We feared It might be rodents or something dead in the ceiling then I Aug 04 2020 Most changes in urine odor are not a sign of disease and go away in time. If a cat s urine smells strongly of ammonia this would indicate a bacterial infection. Jun 10 2018 Also known as fish odor syndrome is caused by FM03 gene mutations and is accompanied by a rotting fish odor. It is not the urine itself that tends to smell although in some cases it can it is the fact that some cats may not urinate inside the litter box but rather on a carpet in a corner or anywhere else that catches its feline fancy. This nbsp A foul or fishy odor is a big concern for any man as it might be a sign of an Urethra is a tube from bladder to penis and is responsible for exiting urine from your nbsp 2 Apr 2012 quot If the child has fever and at the same time his urine smells stronger than usual the risk of having a urine infection is a little bit increased nbsp If you 39 re wondering why your camper smells bed we 39 re here with answers Sewage Sulphur and rotten eggs Damp and musty Fishy Ammonia Unidentifiable after years of working in elderly care that urine smells way more than poo 10 Aug 2019 Smells fishy. Additionally consuming too much garlic asparagus coffee or beer can cause a fishy urine Aug 26 2016 More bacteria get released into your urine during a UTI causing a distinguished rank odor that he describes as a quot pungent rotten egg smell often fishy like. My cats breath smells like sardines. This odor may become more noticeable after intercourse. Aug 28 2019 Urine that contains a lot of water and few waste products has little to no odor. People with nbsp However after a few days the urine smell will become very prominent and the So the very last thing you want is for your leather to smell like fish especially if nbsp When you look into the bowl you should see some pale yellow pee that generally means that your urine is healthy and you 39 re well hydrated. About a third of the time in the study when a baby 39 s urine smelled bad no urinary tract infection was found. Nov 19 2011 Urine order with a urostomy is practically unavoidable. Aug 24 2011 Bladder and urinary tract infections are common in people with incontinence and can cause urine to smell bad. A healthy person s urine is usually clear straw yellow in color and has a bearable mild odor. Odor. as well as those with an inherited disorder that makes their urine smell fishy Odor. Men can get UTIs too and these are more common after the age of 50. Vaginal infections vaginitis may result in a smelly vagina typically the fishy odor from the vagina that may occur as a result of a bacterial infection or even thrush. But there seemed to be a pattern. The causes of vaginal odor may be a result of a number of factors that impact on the overall health of the affected area. The Zep Commercial Smoke Odor Eliminator works well in cars on carpets in apartments and in many other locations. Is that normal for a kitten Maybe their urine doesn 39 t start smelling like cat pee until they are older I don 39 t know . It s supposed to help their teeth. Redness or itching of the vagina are not common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis unless the woman has a co infection of BV and Fishy smelling urine is the first sign of a urinary tract infection UTI . eggs liver legumes fish and some vegetables are digested. The urine of people with this condition can take on a fishy or sour smell affecting not only the urine but also the sweat and breathing. But when does the smell indicate a problem A Fishy Odor. Keep Note Of Other Symptoms. Some foods and medicines including vitamins may affect your urine 39 s odor. Jul 03 2019 Your dog goes outside to do its business but dogs are inclined to use the same spot repeatedly which builds up over time and can make odor removal particul Symptoms of this infection include vaginal itching and a foul fishy odor which can be exacerbated by sexual intercourse or your menstrual period 2. Trimethylaminuria is a disorder in which the body is unable to break down trimethylamine a chemical compound that has a pungent odor. 27 Mar 2017 6 Things That Can Cause Clear Pee Cloudy Pee Red Pee or Bright Orange Pee. This is due nbsp 19 Aug 2020 If your pee smells foul sour or fishy you might have a medical condition called trimethylaminuria which gives you terrible body odor no nbsp 24 Sep 2019 Eating fish isn 39 t the only reason your urine might have a fishy smell. Certain foods and medicines can change urine color and make it smell. Your urine is dark because your kidneys are doing what they are supposed to do when you are dehydrated conserving water by making less urine. I am 75 and have a urine odor most all of the time. 19 hours ago By contrast to smell ethylene would require a concentration of around a whopping 270 ppm. That fishy smell is typically a sign that an electrical component is overheating or burning. What on earth would make cat 39 s urine smell that bad It was the same way before I started her on formula too. Or could be a sign of an std. So the very last thing you want is for your leather to smell like fish especially if you want to wear it near other people they might think you have the fishy odour Strong Urine Odor And Fishy Smell. Both constipation and diarrhea can make the problem The urine of healthy people is usually clear and odorless. Sometime after leaving the body urine may acquire a strong quot fish like quot odor because of contamination with bacteria that break down urea into ammonia. I am assuming that it is getting rid of any of the yeast that is lurking inside my body because I am diabetic and usually have terrible problems with yeast infrections but lately since I started taking one tablet daily as a preventative measure the only symptom is the yeasty smelling pee. Also seemed stronger towards ceiling area. what can this be Apr 06 2018 The odor comes from my mouth my urine and my feces. The smell of the urine determines your state of health. An infection of the vagina called bacterial vaginosis BV can also cause an unpleasant sometimes fishy odor. Diabetes too can alter the natural odor of urine but the change is that of an odd sweet smell because there s more sugar in the Dec 13 2016 The result is a strange smell to the urine often said to be a fishy penis smell. Bucks also use urine to mark their territory so they urinate more often producing more scent. Aug 26 2020 The root causes of odor are the production of chemical and biological by products which emit negative odors such as ammonia from urine rotting meat and fish sulfides from rotting vegetables and eggs and volatile fatty acids from perspiration grease and rancid oils. The Mayo Clinic provides medical conditions and diseases that this symptom may indicate Bladder infection. It makes me want to throw up. Internal deodorizing products can help to neutralize urine smells. If you have an infection on the other hand it will smell 10 times worse. Aug 02 2019 Sometimes the smell may be more similar to gun powder which can indicate a short from the AC s circuit board or fan motor. Apr 08 2020 Someone who has a strong urine odor that comes along with symptoms like yellow eyes or skin weight loss bloating nausea or vomiting may be having a liver complication explains Healthline. Vitamin C tablets can also deodorize urine but they can also interact negatively with other medications or treatments so check with your doctor before consuming tablets. de Vries MD PhD. Jan 01 2012 The smell can permeate her fur and linger for a while making her coat smell musky. quot Asparagus and garlic are known to change the way urine and Mar 12 2018 Strong fishy odor urine is seen due to the presence f glucose in the urine. PID diagnosis involves a pelvic exam a testing of vaginal discharge and cervical cultures or urine tests per the Mayo Clinic. A compound in asparagus asparagusic acid forms stinky sulfur containing volatile compounds when metabolized in the human body. 9 1. Aug 16 2011 Strange smells An inherited condition maple syrup urine disease so named because it causes urine to smell like sweet maple syrup results from the body 39 s inability to digest certain amino acids. If your child has a strong urine smell you should see your doctor to determine the cause and treatment needed. Tjalling W. Common things that can make your pee smell stronger include certain types of food and drink like asparagus or coffee being dehydrated some medicines vitamin B6 supplements Things you can do yourself. have fishy smell to urine for a year now no diabetes or uti im male MD Helio if it is not causing fever burning in during urination and pain in abdomen then you have to ignore it. What does smell fishy expression mean Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Garlic. You may also experience excess vaginal discharge that is white or gray explains The Merck Manuals Home Edition a medical encyclopedia for caregivers and patients. Nov 26 2019 If their pee smells particularly pungent but not foul or abnormal such as smelling fishy it could be because they re mildly dehydrated. Trimethylaminuria. Mar 01 2020 Urine Smell. Can I pass on my son 39 s pox to a pregnant friend c section scar smells fishy smelling diahorrea 2 year old with a fishy smell there Baby 39 s poo smells like fish FIshy jelly like poo Wee smelling strongly like poo babies poo suddenly smells weird 4 week old kitten urine smells like fish. If it is difficult to take your dog to the vet you can just take a urine sample and have it tested. Take Deodorizing Tablets. When you start noticing unusual changes in the smell of their urine it s time to start paying attention to other symptoms. Musty Liver disease and certain metabolic disorders may cause musty smelling urine. The ultimate nbsp 30 Dec 2016 Urine smells fishy . It s not a life threatening condition but the unpleasant odour can lead to social isolation depression and emotional disorders. If this is the case drink more water eight 8 ounce glasses each day. However the odor can sometimes be a sign of an infection so be sure to watch out for any fishy scent burning irritation or redness. Dehydration can cause urine to become more concentrated resulting in a stronger smell and a darker color. somewhat close to a fishy smell. May 16 2018 Another potential reason for having fishy smelling urine also reported by Healthline is bacterial vaginosis. Also asparagus makes a person urine smell strong the following day. It may also occur temporarily if a person has a tube placed through the nose or mouth to drain their stomach. UTIs are common in children of all ages but are nbsp Hello all My parents are having an issue with a somewhat fishy odor that comes I had no idea this could create that fishy urine garbage smell but sure nbsp The consequences of emitting a foul odor can be socially and psychologically N oxide are processed to trimethylamine and no further causing a strong fishy odor. Bacterial vaginosis often will cause an abnormal smelling vaginal discharge. I 39 ve had this smell for a while too but hasn 39 t really bothered me until lately It will literally only smell like that for the first 5 10 seconds. Back To TOC Jan 02 2017 The most common cause for an unexplained fish odor in the home is not mold or dead animals in the crawlspace as many people might think. Russell May a clinical professor at the University of Georgia College of Pharmacy at the Medical College of Georgia. Other Symptoms Frequent urge to urinate burning sensation with urination feeling unable to empty the bladder cloudy or bloody urine pain during sex pain or pressure See full list on lorecentral. Luckily this is one reason for smelly urine that is not an indicator of a problem and it often disappears after a brief time period. Increased douching. Even the smallest amount of ammonia creates a distinct unpleasant smell. Smelly or urine with strong odor may be a sign of something that is not normal although it is not always a disease. You develop nausea vomiting or feel unwell. Though the smell is a problem what is causing the ketonuria might be an even bigger issue it usually occurs when a man has a medical problem such as diabetes. Just chiming in on this old thread. Kaaki says vitamin B and vitamin D can cause a similar smell. The causes behind the unpleasant manhood odor will lay in this article so check it out Cat s urine odor of cats syndrome beta methyl crotonyl CoA carboxylase deficiency Celery Oasthouse urine disease Dead fish stale fish syndrome trimethylamine oxidase deficiency Fresh baked bread typhoid fever First and foremost being dehydrated can cause strong smelling urine. Thebody of these patients can t metabolize some amino acids such as valine leucine and isoleucine and their kidneys secrete urine that smells like maplesyrup. I 39 m afraid this one isn 39 t going to make it at this point. The odor may also depend upon the Sep 24 2019 Foul Smelling Urine Vitamins amp Medication. Eating certain foods can also cause the urine to smell and some of these include cabbage broccoli asparagus garlic red meat and excess alcohol. Just like when we sweat. Some say it smells like cat urine or fish that s been left at room temperature too long. 2 Jun 2017 Maple syrup urine disease MSUD is an inherited metabolic disorder named after the hallmark maple syrup odor of the urine. What a fishy smell in your home really means. If you experience pain discomfort or fishy odor after sexual intercourse and experience any of these symptoms avoid unprotected sex. Nov 14 2018 Choline present in many multivitamins and B complex blends has been associated with a fishy body odor but only in individuals with a rare metabolic disorder known as trimethylaminuria who are missing enzymes that normally causes a fishy smelling compound called trimethylamine to be excreted in urine. This has been going on off and on for about 3 years. Causes of fishy smelling urine. Lingering urine will attract your dog back to the same pieces of laundry. Certain conditions however may cause your urine to have an unusual or unpleasant odor which may raise concerns about a problem or abnormality. 22 Feb 2017 This woman suffers from a disease that makes her smell like fish through sweat breath and urine which causes a fish or onion like odor. This comes and goes. Conversely a sweet smell in the urine can be a symptom of diabetes. Symptoms. These compounds are continuously created as urea breaks down which explains why stale urine smells much worse than fresh urine. g. A fishy smell in the urine will frequently go away without treatment in a couple of days. The subsequent days the odor gets worse. Instead it is overheated plastic in electrical components. A fishy odor of the urine can be an indicator of bacterial vaginosis which will also be accompanied by other symptoms like itching and a burning sensation in the vagina. Rarely a fishy smell may indicate something else. Trimethylaminuria major symptom is the rotten fish smell which begins at later stages of life but is always present at birth. If you want to remove urine smell from clothes machine wash them with detergent and baking soda. These symptoms nbsp The fishy smell is likely a urinary tract infection and a bad one at that. What is the cat 39 s name I rescued 4 stray kittens 3 weeks ago and one died today. Strong smelling urine in dogs can be a sign of a minor or serious health problem. it sounds like you are drinking alot of water which is great. Every time someone took a shower in our master bedroom the foulest fishy odor would greet you as you exited the bathroom into our bedroom. If you have diabetes you may notice that you have sweet smelling urine. Very strong odor An odor that s also noticeable within 6 to 10 feet but the patient s dressings remain fully intact. Acidic urine tends to have less odor so you can take extra ascorbic acid vitamin C or cranberry juice to lower your urine 39 s pH. Anyone s pee can smell stronger in the morning because urine is more concentrated. Any change in odor should be a reason to have your pet s urine analyzed by a veterinarian. Puss cells no varicocles. Is there anything else important you think the Veterinarian should know about the kitten It has a fishy odor but it is normally converted back into trimethlamine in the liver by actions of an enzyme and this by product is typically odorless. Some foods and medications such as asparagus or certain vitamins can cause a noticeable urine odor even in low concentrations The big note No need to spray a lot as you would with a typical air freshener. Typically vaginal discharge may be noticed. You may also have a fever feel generally unwell or have a dull ache in your lower abdomen and back. When a man is having urinary tract infection it is his foul smelling urine which causes the fishy odour. The smell is described as similar to rotting fish urine days old garbage or rotten eggs. Change your diet. Body aches or pains Chills Cloudy urine with strong odor and Fatigue. Too much production of Trimethylaminuria TMA in the sweat and urine results to this smell. It 39 s also called quot fish odour syndrome quot . The symptoms are abnormal discharge pain swelling and a burning sensation while urinating. However a strong fishy odor may be the first sign of a severe medical nbsp The smell can be described in many different ways for example that it smells sweet or that it smells like fish ammonia or alcohol. Diet. The concentration of choline in normal semen is between 0. Consumption of certain foods such as asparagus which can impart a characteristic odor to urine and Dead fish urine odor in children Introduction. Broccoli asparagus onions cabbage etc. I do think that she should be examined by your veterinarian in case she s one of those cats who just happen to produce an excessive amount of anal gland secretion. Onions. Among these the most noticeable symptom of bacterial vaginosis is the foul odor. Kaaki says medication from the sulfa drug group can also cause your urine to smell bad. Uncontrolled diabetes. Then they switch and the smell is gone. Bacterial an infection and yeast infection. Feb 26 2008 my urine has a fishy odor so just a week or so ago my urine started having a very strong smell. Even better the same products will work well on human cat or dog urine all mammal urine is made up of uric acid crystals. My gynecologist took a sample from down nbsp 15 Aug 2011 Urine can be dark yellow green pink red or cola colored. Like most supplements excess vitamins can cause some side effects in the body including changes in urine odor. Yeast infection of the vagina can also produce a urine odor besides causing vaginal discharge and itching in women. So many things can make your urine smell like eggs or sulfur. I do not know of any particular product that is designed for reducing or eliminating the smell. Cloudy urine can indicate an infection bladder crystals Strong Smelling Urine like Ammonia Causes Foul Fishy no Pain In most cases pee usually tells a lot about the health of a person. But how should. Sweet smelling urine may be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes or a rare disease of metabolism. Concentrated urine will have a stronger smell. With dehydration the urine is more concentrated and may have a stronger ammonia scent than normal. At first the problem just seems to be because of poor hygiene habits. The only fish I can now eat and only occasionally is mild catfish and sometimes that may cause a slight fishy vaginal odor. Also high protein foods like meat and eggs have a great deal of nitrogen which can result in additional ammonia to be excreted in your urine. Fishy Smell That s Not Fish. Drugs nutritional vitamins particularly vitamin B advanced consuming meals similar to asparagus provide typical foul odor to the urine. Debora Nucatolah Nov 20 2017 A green rather than yellow discharge along with a foul smelling odour may be due to other sexually transmitted diseases such as trichomoniasis. Ketosis urine smell is the most common symptom from which one can easily detect that they are in ketosis Your urine will be darker and have a much stronger smell. Dark Roasts which have been naturally subjected to long periods of heat are especially prone to smelling fishy. Nucatolah says. This can be caused by a UTI and one of its most noticeable symptoms is strong fish like urine. It took the outlet smoking before we figured it out. The insertion site becomes very irritated swollen red or tender. With hemorrhoids the veins in the rectum swell and cause immense pain. This odour is highly objectionable that can be destructive for the social and work life of the patient. A. So if your strong smelling urine is also accompanied by vaginal burning and itching then it is a better idea to get yourself tested and treated for the infection by a medical professional. By far the most common infection if your dog s urine smells fishy is signs of a UTI in fact UTI s will affect more than 14 of all dogs throughout their lifetime. I have given her dental treats and ordered some Fruit Stick Matatabi. This leads to the characteristic odor of trimethylaminuria. Urine odor varies. Aug 21 2018 4. Have you noticed this smell 3 Oct 2018 A urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria that get into the bladder where your urine is held until you 39 re ready to pee. If I eat garlic onions or curry type spices. Sweet smelling urine and diabetes . Urine smells sweet but my blood glucose levels are well under And off late I 39 ve been observing that my urine smells sweet and fruity. Just to add I 39 m a man and I suffer exactly the same problem. Fishy smelling urine could be due to Oct 03 2017 Fishy smelling urine can be the result of several conditions affecting the urinary tract. Sep 03 2018 A urine dipstick can reveal a bacterial infection protein in the urine and other problems which can cause strong ammonia smelling urine. Dec 19 2008 Dear Dr. And when her breath smells like sardines her fur does as well. Thank you for your tips. Another reason for the foul smell could also be dehydration. A mouth that smells like fishy urine odour similar nbsp 3 Apr 2012 Story highlights. The following day if I sweat a lot at work or the gym when I go to have a wee my bits do smell of those particular odours. urine smells fishy